Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Barber refusing service to people who smell like marijuana

A barber shop in Greeley, Colorado is refusing service to people who smell like marijuana. The owner of Hugo’s Barber Shop said he felt he had to step in when it got bad.

“I feel that it’s my right to make the statement. It’s the same thing as no shoes no service,” said shop owner Hugo Corral. His policy has to do with people who come in reeking of marijuana. Corral said he has no problem with those who chose to use marijuana and even calls himself a supporter of the industry.

But when his customers, many of them with children, started expressing their frustration about the issue he decided it was time for a change. However not everyone sees it as a good move. Corral said he’s been threatened with lawsuits and people trashing his window. “People ripping the sign off, I’ve had to clean spit off my front door,” said Corral.

Despite the negative reaction from some, Corral said he’s going to keep the policy in place and says if people don’t like it they can go somewhere else. According to a local attorney, Corral does have the right to refuse service to someone who has been smoking pot as long as it’s not a Constitutional issue involving a person’s race, religion or gender.

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Jeff said...

Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

SteveC said...

They might calm down if he added ' and those who smell of alcohol'. Or, he might get abuse from drinkers too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the families complain about people who stink of cigarette smoke?