Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cat becomes surrogate mother to premature chihuahua puppies

Two Chihuahua puppies born prematurely this week at the Brevard SPCA in Titusville, Florida have joined a litter of cats after they were shunned by their mother.

A Chihuahua went into premature labour and gave birth on Tuesday to four puppies, but two of them died shortly afterwards. The two survivors weighed only a few of ounces and were about as long as a person's index finger.

They were rejected by the mother dog, leaving the hours-old puppies with very little chance of survival without a mother's care, according SPCA staff.

YouTube link.

The two puppies were introduced to Nessy, a 2-year-old Siamese mix that gave birth to four kittens last week, and the pups were immediately accepted into the litter.

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