Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coyote trapped under dock released back into the wild after being rescued from rising tide

A strange and rare rescue operation took place on Singer Island, Florida as wildlife officials rushing in to save a coyote. The animal was stuck underneath a dock as the tide rose on Thursday.

"Someone had seen it earlier in the day on their dock. Thought it was a dog, and when they got closer the coyote jumped into the water and started swimming and got stuck along the seawall," said David Hitzig, with the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hitzig and officers with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control joined in the rescue. Hitzig used a neighbour's boat to get close enough to the coyote to shoot it with a tranquilizer. "I couldn't touch the ground, I had a life jacket on. You have an animal that could at any moment freak out in fear, which can be a dangerous situation," said Hitzig.

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Hitzig snuck a leash around the coyote's neck and officers helped hoist the animal to safety. Hitzig was more than happy to help. "I had a chance to go swimming and didn't have to do paperwork for a few hours, I loved it," he said. The coyote was given a health evaluation, and released back into the wild on Friday.

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