Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Elephant very carefully negotiates electric fence

Working on the basis that an elephant never forgets, even though this one was turned off, you have to assume that this elephant filmed at Fish Eagle Bend, Malelane, Kruger National Park, South Africa has encountered an electric fence previously.

YouTube link.


Ratz said...

I was in Blenheim gardens trying to cross what looked like an electric fence, having never seen them before I tried touching it with the back of my had (old engineer's trick) to see if it was live. Feeling nothing I pushed the wire down to climb over. I soon discovered the damn things pulse. When I'd touched it it was off, a second or two later it was live and I was quite surprised. Words were said. Just as two old ladies rounded the patch and politely informed me that there was a style just around the bend.

arbroath said...


Many years ago when I was running a school cross country on a wet, foggy morning, I ran straight into an electric fence.

It simultaneously zapped me on the knees and in the crown jewels.

Words were said then also.