Sunday, March 09, 2014

Firefighters used extinguisher to coax kitten out of car engine

A kitten stuck inside the engine compartment of a Mercedes Benz in Florida was rescued unharmed by a group of Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue firefighters.

The incident began at around 5pm on Monday when BSO received a call from a woman who had heard what she thought was a kitten crying from underneath the hood of her car. The crying had been going on for three hours, she said. The firefighters who responded to the scene tried for 30 minutes to coax the black and orange Calico-mix.

They could see the kitten holed up in a void on the driver’s side between the fender and wheel well. Firefighters tried several approaches. They finally used a water can fire extinguisher with a little bit of pressure to try and prod the little feline out.

YouTube link.

The water made the kitten wriggle to the passenger’s side of the vehicle between the manifold and wheel well where the rescue unit driver Albert Seidenstucker was able to grab the kitten and safely remove it from its dangerous hiding place. How the rescued kitten found its hiding spot, or it’s next stop, are unclear.

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