Friday, March 07, 2014

G-string clad thief who paraded around in stolen batman costume arrested

A burglar turned caped crusader while robbing a second-hand shop near Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Police have charged the Batman wannabe, who entered the store wearing only a G-string just after 9:00pm last Wednesday.

After donning a Batman mask and cape, the near-nude man rifled through the store's shelves before completing his outfit with a bride to be sash.

Apparently unaware he was being recorded on CCTV, the thief paraded around the shop's backyard in his bizarre ensemble for around 40 minutes. The CCTV recording shows the man holding a Batman doll at one point - seemingly immersed in his superhero persona.

YouTube link.

But of all the shops the caped parader could have chosen, this may have been the worst, with a police station right across the road. Officers quickly apprehended the suspect and revealed his true identity as a 35 year old man living just streets away. He will appear in Belmont Local Court later this month.

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