Sunday, March 02, 2014

Irishman arrested after serial snorkelling in moat of Australian art gallery

A man has been arrested twice after snorkelling in the moat outside the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

The man was dressed in only shorts, flippers and a snorkel when he walked to the gallery at about 6pm on Tuesday night. Pedestrians and gallery staff then watched in bemusement as the man hopped in the water and began to swim.

This wasn't the first time the man had caused trouble outside the gallery but on this occasion security was called and asked him to leave. Police said the Irishman, aged 38, was arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

YouTube link.

Late on Friday the man was charged with theft, handling stolen goods, going equipped to steal and possessing proceeds of crime after police responded to another report of him snorkelling in the moat. The man, of no fixed address, was refused bail and remanded overnight to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Saturday.

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WilliamRocket said...

Everybody in Australia has to fence their swimming pools except the National Gallery, and then they get all like, "you can't use our water" and "we'll have you thrown in jail".
Cheeses, Australia, chill out.