Sunday, March 09, 2014

Paramedic shocked at being called out to save dog

A paramedic said she was shocked to be called out to a potentially life threatening emergency only to discover that the patient was a dog.

Earlier this week the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, received a 999 call from an address in Preston, Lancashire, reporting a male was fitting, but, before the dispatcher could take any more details, the caller hung up and did not answer follow-up calls.

Fearing the worst a paramedic was sent to the address, racing through traffic, using blue lights and sirens, to the scene of the emergency. On arrival at the address, the paramedic was greeted by a sobbing woman and two men and who she asked where she could find the patient.

It was then that the group pointed towards a dead dog on the floor. Speaking of the incident, the paramedic said: “I had just been to a cardiac arrest patient so was obviously very shocked at this call – it was written all over my face. I told them that they should have called a vet, not 999.”

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