Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Police called after cat with history of violence trapped family and their dog in bedroom

A 22-pound cat named Lux had to be snared by police officers in Portland, Oregon after the owners said the ferocious feline attacked their baby in their Northwest Portland apartment on Sunday. Officers were dispatched just before 8pm, said Sgt. Pete Simpson, a spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau.

Dispatchers stayed on the phone while the couple locked themselves - along with their baby and the family dog - in a bedroom, Simpson said. Owner Lee Palmer told dispatchers the 4-year-old male cat "has a history of violence," and had scratched his 7-month old son in the forehead.

Palmer said he tried to get the cat off his son: "I kicked the cat in the rear, and it has gone over the edge. He's trying to attack us - he's very hostile. He's at our door; he's charging us." The dispatcher asked her supervisor if it was okay to send police on such an unusual call. It was. Meanwhile, on the 911 tape, the cat can be heard screaming in the background.

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When officers arrived, they entered the apartment equipped with a dog snare and watched as the large Himalayan darted into the kitchen where it jumped on top of the refrigerator. Using the snare, officers were able to wrangle the cat into a pet carrier. No one was injured in the fracas, including the baby. "I swear I have never seen anything like it," Palmer said.


Shak said...

She's going to continue to monitor the cat's behavior before she decides whether to give the cat away? She has an 8 month-old baby. End if discussion.

Jeff said...

But they've had the cat longer.