Saturday, March 22, 2014

Police search for jewellery thief who 'walks like a penguin'

Police in Oakwood, Georgia need help finding a thief who stole tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry from a local business. Surveillance video from Aardvark Antiques in Oakwood in Hall County shows the suspect with a unique walk.

“Similar to a penguin," is how store owner Charles Pharr described it. Police and the store's owner said the man cased the business on Saturday then returned on Sunday. "He asked the ladies working to measure a piece of art, but he was looking at the jewellery near the counter," Pharr said.

After walking around the store for an hour pretending to be a customer, Pharr said the man somehow made off with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewellery and small collectibles. "These were full with nice rings, bracelets, vintage pieces," Pharr said. Besides the man's unique walk, police said they have little to go on.

Investigators said the man kept his face hidden from security cameras and his hands in his pockets the whole time, which means no fingerprints. The store's owner still hopes police will be able to track him down. “I hope we can catch this guy and prevent it from happening to someone else," Pharr said.

You can see surveillance footage of the man, who doesn't walk like any penguin I've seen, here.


Shakra said...

I agree with you, Arbroath. He looks like he has a normal gait to me.

Unknown said...

Completely agreed with you.