Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Stray dog chased away leopard

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, as residents slept a leopard entered Hill View building near Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, India, where it came face to face with stray dog Rocky. Within a few seconds, the big cat was running away with its tail between its legs.

The residents of Hill View cooperative housing society in Goregaon (East) are wowed by his valour, and feel this top dog deserves a new name, Tiger.

Rajan Maykekar, a resident from the building, said, "A couple years ago, when I'd take my pet dog Juno for a walk in the area, I used to see Rocky outside our building. He was a cute puppy at the time and I decided to get him inside the building to protect him from the rain.

YouTube link. Alternative video.

"Everyone in the building started loving him because he is very loving. When the leopard entered our building, it was Rocky who chased it out, not only saving his life but that of another dog lying next to him. Running a leopard out of the building is a big task for a dog, and from today, we have decided to call Rocky Tiger, because only a tiger can chase away a leopard."

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