Monday, March 10, 2014

Three-foot long Steve the sturgeon found living in puddle weeks after flood escape

A three-foot long fish that escaped from an aquatic centre during recent flooding has been found safe and well. The sturgeon, named Steve, swam out of World of Water in Romsey, Hampshire when it was flooded in early February.

Staff at a car wash a mile from the centre discovered him in a deep puddle. Centre manager Mark Bradbury said he was "hugely relieved" Steve had been recovered and "only a little worse for wear for his travels."

The seven-year-old fish was used as part of the shop's displays. "He must have crossed the road and got to the petrol station through the flood water. He's got a few bumps and scrapes but is happy to be back with his friends," he explained.

The focus is now on finding Steve's friend Chadwick, a large koi carp, who escaped at the same time. Despite sightings, he hasn't yet been retrieved.

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