Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bear cub mysteriously dropped off at animal rescue centre

Mystery is surrounding a little bear cub who was left alone at an animal rescue centre in South Lake Tahoe, California. Rescuers have named her "Tahoe." She's five pounds and about 10 weeks old. The rescue workers have no idea where she came from or how she was separated from her mother, but they say she's lucky to be alive.

"Somebody was compassionate enough to take the time and pick her up and bring her down," said Cheryl Millham with Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. The person who found Tahoe may not have known how or what to feed her because she's still voraciously drinking a special formula from a bottle. Cheryl said Tahoe's mother may have been killed by poachers, hit by a car or possibly died of old age.

Tahoe sucking on a blanket.

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"She could have gotten too close to a marijuana patch and they kill everything that comes into those," Cheryl said. Tahoe was lucky someone found and rescued her. "She doesn't even have teeth yet," Cheryl Millham explained. "She can't eat. She would be dead, probably, by now." Cheryl said they let Tahoe "do her own thing" to try to help her stay as wild as possible.

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"We don't cuddle her. We don't don't do any type of bonding with her. She doesn't want to bond to me," she said. "This is what keeps me going after 37 years. This little girl now will have a chance to grow up to be a healthy, normal little bear." Eventually, she hopes they'll have another cub to keep her company until they are ready to be returned back into the wild.

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