Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fridges from New Zealand invade Australian shores

A clean-up operation is needed after a shipping container carrying refrigerators from New Zealand ended up on a popular Australian beach.

The Krogh family of five were taking an early morning walk along Shelly Beach, on New South Wales' central coast, on Monday when they first noticed the container and then its contents trapped in the sand. "Normally we see dolphins when we go for a walk, but this morning it was fridges," Debbie Krogh said.

Huge swells from a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea are believed to have pushed the container, almost certainly lost off a ship, towards the beach. The waves ripped open the container, allowing the new Fisher & Paykel fridges to float into the sea. Seven fridges were found on the beach.

It is unclear how many had been in the container. Wyong Shire Council released a statement warning beachgoers that the fridges could present a danger. The statement said the council had fenced off the area as it liaises with authorities about how the fridges and container could be removed.

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