Friday, April 04, 2014

Husky suffering bout of gephyrophobia rescued by firefighters

A husky dog in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, appeared to get cold feet crossing a dangerous train bridge - but then firefighters came to the rescue.

It happened at the railway bridge across the North Saskatchewan River. The husky, Baby Girl, was found about halfway across the narrow bridge. It wasn't known if the dog had ventured out on its own or with its owner.

However, at the halfway point the dog became frightened and refused to go any further, the Prince Albert Fire Department said. The fire department was called and a crew placed the dog in a stokes basket. Then they carried her off.

"We think she got out there and once she realized where she was, you know, there's a little bit of space between the ties, and she just got frightened, laid down and didn't want to move," said deputy fire chief Corey Rodgers. The fire department said the railway bridge is not designed for foot traffic and it's extremely dangerous to use it for that purpose.

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