Monday, April 07, 2014

Masseuse bans men after too many erotic requests

A masseuse from Oxhey in Hertfordshire has banned men from her practice after becoming fed up with customers angling for erotic favours. Kate Codrington made the decision after years of late-night phone calls, frequent requests for "massage sex" and even had one customer turn up for a session in plastic pants.

The 48-year-old, who treats people at her home, has been working as a therapist for 21 years. She said: "Having men ask me for inappropriate requests has happened on and off for as long as I have been working. The other week I was sitting at the computer with my partner and this man rang up and asked me how much I charged for massage sex.

"In a way, I’d rather them be up front about it on the phone as at least then you know. It’s much more difficult when men ring up and say they have something like sciatica, which I can work with, and then they turn up for the appointment expecting something else, which is really creepy."

The mother-of-two took the decision to only work with female clients after receiving on average about four calls a week from "inappropriate" callers. Ms Codrington said she felt her business was established enough to be able to turn away 50 per cent of her potential customers. She now specialises in abdominal and pregnancy massages.

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Brixter said...

This article doesn't have a happy ending.