Friday, April 11, 2014

Sundial tortoise freed using a blob of Vaseline

A tortoise trapped by a sundial has been freed by a resourceful firefighter using a blob of petroleum jelly.

Fifty-year-old Tommy was "hissing" after his leg became trapped in the cast iron base of the garden ornament in East Harling, Norfolk, on Wednesday.

Derek Sim, station manager at Thetford Fire Station, said releasing him was one of the most "bizarre" experiences of his 20-year career. Mr Sim, armed with a pot of Vaseline, took 10 minutes to free Tommy.

He said Tommy's owners had been correct to call the fire service, and that in such cases just one firefighter would be sent to help the animal. That firefighter could then assess if back-up was needed, or if other agencies such as the RSPCA needed to be called. Tommy is said to be "sore", but recovering after a trip to a vet.

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