Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woman heartbroken that pet alligator who had his own paddling pool evicted from apartment

A pet alligator whose owner said acted just like a dog or cat has been evicted from his Washington apartment. April Rognlin's beloved 5-foot reptile Snappy was seized by police officers on Wednesday after they received a complaint from her landlord.

The animal had reportedly lived happily in the 600-square-foot Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County, apartment alongside three dogs for seven years. He had had his own paddling pool and rockery.

" It broke my heart," said Ronglin. "I've had him forever." She said Snappy would not hurt anyone. "He's our buddy," added Rognlin. "He's just like a dog or a cat." A state Fish and Wildlife officer took Snappy to the Thurston County Animal Shelter.

Snappy will be placed in a reptile refuge somewhere in the state. Under state law owners of animals considered dangerous can only receive citations, but Ocean Shores police are looking at charging Rognlin with animal cruelty.

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