Monday, May 26, 2014

Bear that kept getting stuck in trees eventually rescued by firefighters

Firefighters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, have eventually removed an elusive black bear down from a tree.

The bear was first spotted in a tree in Broken Arrow on Thursday where he sat for more than 17 hours before making his way a couple miles away to a new tree on Friday. (Video).

He was found on Friday afternoon and before he could climb any higher, a game warden was able to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart. The bear quickly fell asleep and became wedged between the branches of the tree.

YouTube link.

Broken Arrow Fire Department arrived on scene with its ladder truck and were able to get Chester the bear, as he's been named, down. They had to trim the tree in an effort to reach him. After a health screening, Chester will be released back into the wild.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously he would go back to the wild on his own if you left him to it and just kept a jr officer around until he got around to moving on. It is like all the fuss made about cats stuck in trees. How many cat skeletons have you seen in trees?