Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bird attack left trucker unconscious and minus a tooth

Two bird attacks in Channelview, Texas, have left people wondering what's going on. A trucker named Benny Hines was just walking back to his rig when the first incident happened.

First one bird, then in seconds, three others. "The more I tried to fight them off the worse it got. It was like why were they after me you know," said Hines. Benny was down, bleeding and unconscious.

Benny also lost a tooth. People nearby heard the commotion. They rushed to help the man on the ground and called 911. But no one knew what happened to him, until they checked the video.

YouTube link.

Benny's now out of the hospital and back on the road. "They had to put some stitches on my face," he said. Lonny Sieger was also attacked by a bird at the same location. "I felt something on my neck, and there was a bird coming after my ass," he said.

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Deb Palmer said...

Haha - you should live in Australia. We get attacked every spring by several birds