Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Burglar spent more than an hour cutting hole through bathroom wall to steal shop's marijuana

A burglar broke into a Seattle medical marijuana shop on Saturday morning and got away with cash and products, but it's how he got inside that has the owner on edge. "I was kind of shocked with this, quite frankly," said Dawn Darington who is the owner of Choice Wellness Center. The burglar cut a hole through a bathroom wall to gain access to her business.

"This would have been the last place I would have expected somebody to come through - the bathroom wall," said Darington. The suspect arrived at the building at around 2:30 on Saturday morning. He carried a skateboard and a bag across his back. He then used a crow bar to break into a door on the ground level where there's a maintenance facility and laundry room.

Once inside, the suspect went up a small staircase and spent more than an hour cutting a hole through Darington's bathroom wall. When the suspect got into the marijuana shop, he went straight for the cash register. He rummaged through cabinets, then went to the safe and took cash and jars of marijuana. The break-in now marks the third burglary at the Choice Wellness Center in less than two years.

"I'm not even sure that it's as much about cannabis as we just have a broken society right now where people are not taught good values and morals, and people are not held accountable," said Darington. "I guess I have to just sit down and really think about every little vulnerable spot we've got, and what we can do about it," she said. "Maybe puts lead walls in. I don't know."

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