Thursday, May 01, 2014

Chiropractor charged with rental fraud after throwing bucket of urine on code inspector

A Florida chiropractor has been arrested for allegedly throwing urine on a code enforcement officer. Authorities say Craig Siegel owns a Siesta Key rental property that has been the subject of an ongoing rental scam investigation.

Siegel reportedly modified the building in 2013, but did so without the proper permits, causing Sarasota County Code Enforcement to order him to dismantle the new construction. The home has just five bedrooms, but Siegel is allegedly still advertising it as a 12-bedroom property.

Detectives discovered 19 victims nationwide who paid Siegel more than $53,000 to rent the 12-bedroom home and asked for refunds after learning the property was not what he portrayed. They were either forced to stay at the property without adequate accommodation, or they sacrificed the money they spent and had to pay to stay elsewhere. Siegel reportedly told the victims to sue him, claiming he did not have money to return.

However, detectives obtained financial records showing Siegel paid $172,500 to a Fidelity Investment Plan last year. When a code inspector with whom Siegel has had frequent dealings arrived at Siegel's home on official county business on Monday, Siegel allegedly threw a bucket of urine on the man. Siegel is charged with Criminal Mischief and Battery on a Code Inspector in connection with the urine throwing incident. In the rental scam, he is charged with 19 counts of Scheme to Defraud, for which he is being held on $55,000 bond.

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Ratz said...

Where does one acquire a bucket of wee? Did he keep it on hand just in case or ask the guy to come back in a few days?