Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crocodile injured by falling accountant

A performing crocodile sustained injuries after being squashed by a portly circus accountant on a roadtrip between Murmansk to Severomorsk in northern Russia on Tuesday.

The two-metre-long crocodile was peacefully snoozing on the floor when the tour bus hit a bump in the road, triggering an unfortunate chain of events that caused a 120-kilogram (19-stone) female accountant to be thrown onto the crocodile and said crocodile to vomit for several hours afterwards.

Both reportedly sustained shock and minor injuries. But the crocodile, named Fedya, apparently fared worse than the accountant. He vomited for three hours after the accidental full body slam, though a medical examination found he was clear of any internal injuries.

Fedya had to skip a performance that had been scheduled for later in the evening, however. The accountant, whose name was withheld, was issued a formal reprimand for neglecting to wear a seat belt.

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Anonymous said...

"Crocodile injured by falling accountant"

Okay, I would have been every cent I owned in the world that I would never read this headline, anywhere.