Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five-year-old boy banned from playgroup for wearing dresses

A mother has spoken of her disbelief after a playgroup attended by her five-year-old son has banned him from attending the group while wearing the clothes he loves.

Romeo Clarke, from Rugby, Warwickshire, has a fascination with dresses and the colour pink. The youngster has a collection of over 100, as well as eight pairs of children's high heel shoes that he likes to wear every day, along with a pink accessory.

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However, it appears that Romeo's love for dresses isn't appreciated by all, as his mother Georgina claims that staff at his playgroup have said he must leave the group as his choice of attire upsets the other children and confuses them because they don't know whether to call Romeo a boy or a girl.

Georgina defended her son, saying "he's just a boy who loves dresses. I'm used to it now, its just him," she added.


Anonymous said...

100 dresses... seriously!?

Insolitus said...

I think he should stop wearing the high heeled shoes, because it's quite unhealthy for anyone that young. The staff who try to force this little boy to comform to their expected gender norms are being nasty and hurtful. On the other hand, if that is their attitude, perhaps Romeo is better of not associating with them on a daily basis.

Ratz said...

Hi Achilles tendon will shorten if he's wearing high heels in general, let alone at that age.

xoxoxoBruce said...

100 dresses and 8 pair of heels? She's hardly neutral, she's an enabler.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with Pink shirts or shorts or even Pink shoes, but this mother is encouraging this boy to go this way. Dresses? I am sick of this crap being forced on us. I'm with the staff on this.

Insolitus said...

How delightfully ironic, Anonymous. You actually think you are the one having things forced on you while you insist a little boy shouldn't be allowed to wear the clothes he wants.