Monday, May 26, 2014

Fox and hedgehog have become unlikely mealtime companions

A fox and a hedgehog have been captured sharing food on webcams set up by wildlife enthusiast Jason Alexander, at his home in Rushmere St Andrew, Suffolk. "You naturally think the fox will see the hedgehog as prey, so I was surprised to see them feed side by side," Mr Alexander said.

"I think there have been several of each using the feeding stations. They seem to tolerate each other." Mr Alexander, 43, has been adding to his collection of webcams over the past two years and now has about 30 - monitoring nest boxes along with visitors to his garden's feeding stations.

He said the hedgehogs feed about 10 times a night, and are most likely to be joined by a fox between 1am and 3am. "One of the first things I do each day is to sit with a cuppa and take a look at the footage from the night before," Mr Alexander said. Suffolk Wildlife Trust says that foxes "generally don't pose a threat to hedgehogs, but aren't completely benign".

Simone Bullion, senior conservation adviser, said: "There are rare incidents where foxes can prey on hedgehogs, using learned behaviour." She said some foxes had been known to wait for a hedgehog to unroll from its defensive ball, before taking a bite at it. "In this individual case, however, the fox does not appear to view the hedgehog as prey."

Jason Alexander's webcam website.

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Miss Cellania said...

Believable. If I were confronted with the choice of a chicken dinner and a live chicken, I'd take the meal that involved no work.