Saturday, May 31, 2014

Injured deer ran into hospital

A startled deer ran into the Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast in Concord, North Carolina, on Thursday morning, much to the surprise of hospital workers.

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A source inside the hospital says the deer was loose in the hospital's kitchen-storage area before being trapped inside a mop closet. Animal control officers were called to the hospital to capture the injured buck. The deer was tranquilized and removed from the hospital on a rolling cart.

It appears the deer came from a wooded, residential area across from the hospital. It is believed the buck ran across traffic, leapt over the bushes and landed on a vehicle in the parking lot of the hospital, shattering the windscreen. The deer then entered the hospital. Animal control officers say the deer was taken about three or four miles away from the hospital and released in a wooded area.

Officers stayed with the deer until the tranquilizer wore off, which took about 15 to 20 minutes. Once the deer got his bearings, he was able to walk away and into the woods. The deer was reportedly only injured along the protective coating on his antlers. Considering that he'd crashed into a car windscreen, officers say he was in good condition.

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