Friday, May 23, 2014

Man wearing dress stole ashes of man's father kept in family's treasure chest

An man from Edmonds, Washington, is trying to identify a burglar who broke into his home dressed as a woman and stole his father's ashes.

William Crockett said a surveillance camera in his bedroom captured video of a man creeping inside his bedroom while he was at work on Tuesday morning. The burglar was wearing a woman's dress, Crockett said. The burglar snatched a tablet computer and a treasure chest that Crockett and his family used to hold their dad's ashes, Crockett said.

Crockett's father died while cleaning up the damage at his home in New York in the days following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he added. "Who takes somebody's ashes? Who?" Crockett asked. "Whether you're religious or not, that's like the one thing that nobody does." Crockett said the chest was part of his dad's collection of Davey Crockett memorabilia.

Crockett claims he and his family are direct descendents of the famous frontiersman's brother. Crockett thinks he knows who the burglar was, but he's more concerned with getting his dad's ashes back. "If I'm in the house and I see you walking up, that's okay. Drop it off, I'll stay inside, and leave," Crockett said. "If you bring the ashes back, that's what I would love the most."

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