Saturday, May 17, 2014

Organised gang could be responsible for portable toilet thefts

Three portable toilets have been stolen in Lincolnshire. Two of the thefts happened this week at a farm in Pinchbeck and at a building site in Moulton. A third workman's privy was taken from a cauliflower field in Spalding last month.

James Stamp, whose firm's toilet was taken from a site in Moulton, said "if they will steal a used builder's loo, what's next"? He said an organised gang could have been responsible.

Mr Stamp said: "Usually if organised, these are part of large plant theft rings - where mixers, dumpers, loos and excavators are stolen to order in one hit, shipped to Eastern Europe, or Africa. Occasionally petty thieves steal them, wait for a while then try to list them on eBay, or in their local supermarket."

He added: "I've looked at embossing the loos with my name to discourage theft, although I'm not sure a builder in Botswana would care what his cheap loo said on it." Mr Stamp said a used toilet was worth about £450, or could be sold "down the pub" for about £100. Lincolnshire Police said it was an unusual crime and have appealed for information.

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