Monday, May 12, 2014

Police officer found coffin full of strange weapons in park

Some residents are concerned after a coffin full of weapons was found near Candace Strawn Park in DeLeon Springs, Florida. Volusia County deputies said the Florida Wildlife Commission contacted them on Thursday afternoon after an officer found a brown wooden coffin lying near the tree line.

When deputies opened the coffin, they found weapons included a crossbow, a black ball and chain, a set of nunchuks, forceps, a ball studded with metal spikes, a double-sided axe, a baseball bat with screws attached, scissors, a metal hook on a wood handle, a wood-handled knife, a folding knife, a silver baseball bat, a crowbar and metal chains.

There were also two hatchets, a boat anchor, a poker, blacksmith pliers, a sword blade minus the hand grip, a wooden stick, a hammer, two sickles, large black tongs, two axe handles and a wooden sword. "I think it's sad that someone would leave weapons that kids could get a hold of and hurt themselves," Rick Shook said.

"Who would do something like that?" he asked. Deputies said the items appeared to be old, rusty and inside of the coffin for a while. No signs of blood or hair were found with the coffin indicating foul play. A spokesperson for the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said they consider the case closed.

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Jeff said...

Zombie defense kit

Anonymous said...

"they consider the case closed"

Must've put the lid back on.