Saturday, May 17, 2014

Police officers helped rescue deer from pool spa

A deer that had fallen into a pool spa in Florida was rescued by deputies and a trapper on Thursday. Deputies said that at around 10am, a small doe ran through the pool screen and fell into the spa at a home in the Lansbrook subdivision in Palm Harbor. The homeowner, Mike Wyers called for help and told deputies the deer had apparently been knocked unconscious.

Wyers said once the deer regained consciousness, it could not get out of the spa on its own. Once deputies arrived on scene, they threw a blanket over the deer's head to help keep it calm. The blanket was then removed because it was getting wet, affecting the deer. At that point deputies held the doe's head and neck in a stable position for several minutes, until further help arrived.

A trapper then arrived on scene and helped deputies lift the deer out of the spa. Once out, the deer sat down, got its bearings, and ran off into a nearby wooded area. "I've been in law enforcement for nearly 25 years and I've never received a call like this," said Deputy Timothy McTaggart of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department. "I immediately responded to take care of the deer. That became my priority."

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"I think she finally figured out that the Sheriff's Office, the two deputies that were here to help her out," said Michael Wyers, the homeowner.  "She didn't put up a fight at all." The homeowners believe noise from a lawn moving crew could have spooked the deer.They say this isn't the first time an unwanted guest has torn through that same screen.  Three different alligators on three separate occasions took the same trip the doe did, although they wound up in the pool, instead of the hottub.

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