Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Police shocked after parents took sandwiches to children at illegal rave

When police attended an illegal gathering at Wickham Cross, near Butleigh, Somerset, earlier this month they were shocked to discover parents delivering sandwiches for their children.

Police were called out to the site in the early hours and on arrival they found cars parked in a nearby car park.

They secured the area, stopping people from leaving the rave and then re-entering. They then discovered parents dropping off food for their children who had contacted them, hungry but not wanting to leave.

Police want to remind mums and dads of the dangers of these illegal and unregistered events. Two people were arrested at the scene for drug related offences, which the authorities are continuing to investigate.


Anonymous said...

At a rave?

They should ask their dealer for a refund.

Dunex said...

So instead of getting piss drunk, fight and defacing things they go and dance and parents check in.
Yeah, they gotta be terrorists the whole lot.