Monday, May 26, 2014

Surgery performed on man who had used his earphone cable as a catheter

A 32-year-old man from southern China has had surgery to remove a 45cm earphone cable from his bladder after using it as a catheter.

The patient, surnamed Luo, arrived at the Shenzhen Shuguang Hospital seeking medical treatment for a urinary tract infection, but initially failed to tell doctors about the headphone cable that he'd inserted up in there himself as a "home remedy".

Xu Chang, vice-head of the hospital, said that Luo had suffered from numerous urinary tract infections. Apparently, Mr Luo had performed this makeshift procedure on himself several times after a friend recommended the idea to him. Luckily for Mr Luo, the cable was removed from his body after a 20 minute surgery on Wednesday.

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At this point, it had already managed to wrap itself around a urinary tract stone. Following the operation a doctor said: "Using an earphone wire to clear an obstruction in your urinary tract is complete nonsense. If there is an inflammation of any kind, you should visit a reputable hospital to receive medical treatment."

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Zhoen said...

Um, some guys insert items into their urethras for... personal satisfaction. Whatever their story after about why.