Thursday, June 05, 2014

Criticism after major rescue operation launched to rescue rook from rooftop

Emergency services have been criticised after a busy street was put on lock-down by dozens of police officers and fire fighters to rescue a rook from rooftop. Two police cars, a rapid response vehicle and two fire engines, complete with a cherry picker, were involved in the dramatic rescue of the rook which was trapped on a roof on Monday. Emergency crews were called to the rescue after a passing church worker spotted the stricken corvid had trapped its foot in netting on a roof in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Ironically, the netting is put on roofs to stop birds roosting or nesting. The busy route was closed during the hour-long rescue while firefighters retrieved the bird before taking it to a rescue centre. Claire Sandys, PA to the vicar at Trinity Church, said: "It wasn't nice watching this poor bird suffer on the rooftop over the road from our window. "It seemed so sad to leave him there - so I just let the RSPCA know. After all, it is one of God's creatures."

Tom Wheatly said: "So it takes two fire engines and two police cars to rescue one bird from the roof of a three story building in the middle of Cheltenham. Two fire engines and two police cars when human beings die from ambulances not getting there in time." A spokesman from Gloucestershire Police said he did not know how many officers attended or how much the call out would have cost. He said: "They [the fire service] only asked us to close the road. The fire engine they were using, it would have blocked it [the road]."

When asked for the average cost of a call out of this nature, he said: "There are so many variables, it is impossible to say." Dave Hornibrook, of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Whenever undertaking a rescue of this nature we can redirect crews to a more serious incident." Staff at Vale Wildlife Rescue centre, in Beckford, Gloucestershire, said the bird was recovering and "in good spirits". A spokesman said: "He isn't eating as much as we would like, but that is not unusual because being in captivity is quite stressful. But he is looking quite bright."


dionysis said...

Save the Rook.

Williamrocket said...

Wonder if Claire Sandys has roast chicken for dinner ever. One of god's creatures ! They ALL are.