Sunday, June 29, 2014

Emergency call out prompted by stuffed iguana nailed to tree

A woman called animal rescue officers when she spotted an iguana stuck up a tree which turned out to be a stuffed toy.

The lady thought she saw the lizard blink as it lay in a tree beside a footbridge near Miller Academy in Thurso on Thursday. She called the Scottish SPCA who discovered someone had nailed a stuffed toy to the tree.

Senior Inspector Audrey Gunn said: "The lady was shocked when I told her it wasn't a real iguana as she thought she'd seen it blink. I think someone must have nailed the toy to the tree as a joke and I can see why it fooled her.

"My colleague Mandy McIntyre, who works at our animal rescue and rehoming centre in Balmore, is a reptile enthusiast and she's decided to offer the wee chap a loving home. It was a nice surprise to find there wasn't an animal in danger in this case and I must admit it gave Mandy and I a bit of a giggle."

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