Saturday, June 21, 2014

Firefighters rescued flock of sheep that had fallen into pit filled with bituminous resin

At around 5.00pm on Thursday, firefighters in the northwestern Romanian city of Dej were called to private land where a flock of sheep had fallen into a pit filled with bituminous resin.

The firefighters intially tried to keep the sheep's heads above the resin so that they could breathe.

Then they started the actual saving of the animals, which were sinking into the bitumen.

YouTube link.

The rescue operation was extremely difficult as the sun-melted tar stuck to shoes of the firefighters. After approximately three hours all nine sheep were saved.


Ratz said...

Who just happens to have a tar pit lying around? Is this natural like la brea, or did someone just dump all their spare filth in a hole?

arbroath said...

I wondered the same, Ratz.