Friday, June 06, 2014

Firefighters rescued kitten trapped in Superdrug ceiling

An eight-week-old kitten has been rescued by fire crews after getting stuck in the roof of a Superdrug store. Staff contacted the RSPCA for help after customers heard a meowing noise coming from the ceiling cavity of the store in Greenwich, south east London.

When they realised the kitten was stuck, RSPCA inspectors set up a humane trap in the loft area of the building and waited for him to climb inside. They then contacted London Fire Brigade to help lower the black-and-white kitten to safety. Following the rescue the kitten was taken to the RSPCA's London South East branch, where staff named him Wispa.

Inspector Nick Wheelhouse said: "At first I don't think anyone could figure out where the meowing was coming from. Because of where the kitten was it was very difficult for us to rescue him without the help of the London Fire Brigade.

"They kindly came out and it was a great example of different agencies working together to save the young kitten. Unfortunately we have no idea how he got up there. It is a good job we got him down. He was still young and in need of some TLC. Thankfully he is now in the care of an RSPCA fosterer while we search for a home for him."

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