Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fox-human creature entertains visitors at Karachi zoo

A traditional, mythical fox-human creature played by a man impersonating a woman, entertains visitors at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan.

The creature looks like she is attached to the body of a fox. Murad Ali, is the man behind Mumtaz, and plays her character for 12 hours every day. "The people, who visit here, go away happy.

"And knowing that they feel happy makes me happy too. There is a bond of love between me and them. Life is very short; it should be spent spreading smiles," he says.

YouTube link.

The father of two inherited the role from his father. However, not everyone is happy with this feature at the zoo. “It is despicable and ignoble,” claims AA Quraishy, the founder of the zoo.

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