Monday, June 16, 2014

House fire spread after dog's bowl containing petrol was used to extinguish it

A small house fire in Louisville, Kentucky, quickly spread when a woman tried to extinguish it with water from her dog's bowl, not knowing that her daughter had filled the bowl with gasoline.

Investigators say that a 3-year-old girl had filled the water bowl with petrol from a nearby canister.

When the mother discovered a small fire in the rear of their home, she quickly grabbed the bowl and threw the gasoline on the fire, Maj. Rob Milliner of Louisville Fire and Rescue said.

Firefighters responded to the fire at around 10:30am on Saturday. It took about an hour for crews to put out the fire, which also spread to the neighbour's house. Nobody was hurt at either house. Investigators are not sure how the original fire started.

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