Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Police search for stolen coughing asthmatic parrot

Police are searching for three stolen parrots, including an asthmatic one that could die without its medication. The African grey parrots are worth hundreds of pounds each because they talk a lot. One was heard screaming as the birds were stolen from a home in Saxilby, Lincolnshire, between 8:30pm and 11:00pm on Saturday.

Lots of feathers were found near the scene, and police believe one of the parrots could have struggled free. The parrots all look similar, but can be identified from the phrases they use, and because the asthmatic one coughs. Marlene Cavill, whose husband has had the parrots for 30 years, said: "When anybody comes up they all say hello to you.

"We've got a Dalmatian called Pearly, and Charlie [one of the parrots] says 'Come on Pearly, it's walkies', and 'Pearly is in trouble'," said Mrs Cavill, 71. "Now Pearly is going to miss the parrots. Somebody says they saw these two men, one of them was carrying something covered up and it was screaming.

"That one would be Charlie. The other man had got a bag with him." Her husband, 77-year-old Colin Cavill, said Charlie bites people he does not know, and could have bitten the two men who took him. "I've had them all these years and I've never had any trouble and now somebody comes and gets them," said Mr Cavill.

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