Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Willam Hague throws support behind Team GB at forthcoming Commonwealth Games

William Hague has insisted he is confident Team GB will deliver "another spectacular performance" at the Commonwealth Games - despite the home nations competing separately.

Arguably the most inept British Foreign Secretary in living memory, Hague also told the House of Commons that Team GB has become a "sporting superpower" as he backed calls for Scotland to stay within the Union.

Glasgow hosts the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which starts next month, where Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland each have teams, whereas at the Olympics athletes from the four countries compete for Great Britain. Asked what his department is contributing to the preparations for the games, Hague told MPs: "The FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) is playing a strong role supporting the 2014 organising committee.

"Our high commissions across the Commonwealth are also drawing on our contribution to London 2012 to ensure Britain makes the maximum impact from what I am confident will be another spectacular performance by Team GB." Sir Menzies Campbell, a Scottish MP and former Liberal Democrat leader, told Hague: "Perhaps I'll just remind you that, of course, the constituent parts of the United Kingdom compete in their own right and so there will be a Scottish team, a Welsh team, an English team and a Northern Ireland team."


BoS said...

They don't know where we are, never mind who we are. They couldn't give a tinker's cuss about us, all they care about is are tax revenue and oil income that helps prop up the UK economy.

Vote YES to end this farce of a "union".

Anonymous said...

Possibly not a gaffe and a deliberate attempt to promote the Union... but even if that is the case, clearly not a very good ploy.

As if Team GB at the Olympics is a valid reason to vote to retain the Union?!? That's just bizarre. As enjoyable as it may be to cheer on sportsmen/woman like Hoy, Wiggins, Brownlee, Ennis, Farah, Greene, Cavendish, Murray immaterial of where in the country they are from), it's not exactly got much bearing on the benefits or drawbacks of the referendum.