Sunday, June 29, 2014

Woman tweeted for help after cats locked her in bedroom

An American woman living in the Marais district of Paris, France, took to Twitter to document being trapped in her own bedroom by her cats. Claire Berlinski found herself shut in on Wednesday morning.

"So my cat's knocked the handle off my bedroom door and I'm locked in my bedroom now," she told her 10,000 followers. "Nothing left to try but to Tweet this drama." "I really figured there might be an easy solution I was just overlooking," she said, still trapped in her room. "I'm hoping to be sprung pretty soon here. Then I'm going to do something mad, like make coffee." First she told about her attempts to free herself.

"Tried: coat hanger, nail file, credit card, kicking the door down. (Very well made door! Bravo French construction!) Any other bright ideas?" When friends expressed concern, she reassured them, saying: "Happily, I'm on the side of the door with the bathroom and the internet. I could last days." "I'm not terribly unhappy about the situation. I reckon it'll get sorted in due time, and meanwhile I've got lots to read." She then began a lengthy discussion about the strength of doors in France, and the cost of locksmiths.

Eventually her father - who lives a mile away - was alerted, and apparently raised the alarm. "My Pop's now emailing me about 'what he saw a professional thief do on TV' and whether he can throw a sandwich through the window." And her cats, throughout the ordeal, were trying to get back into the bedroom. "This is chutzpahdik. The cats are now meowing and pawing at the door because they want to be let in," she said. She later tweeted that help was on its way. Finally, she announced her release.

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