Thursday, July 31, 2014

Company are offering space funerals for pets

A company from Houston, Texas, has begun offering memorial space flights for four-legged loved ones. Celestis Inc. on Wednesday announced Celestis Pets. Rockets carrying cremated remains of dogs and cats are offered as a way for owners to “celebrate the life of their pet.”

“I think we’re also creating some new cultural norms,” said Director of Celestis Pets, Steve Eisele. “Humanity has a lot of different rituals. We think we take our rituals with us when we end up travelling to different places whether they’re on this planet or off the planet.”

Eisele says a small portion of cremated pet remains will be sent into orbit for $995. If you want to send your pet’s remains to the moon it could take some time, and it will cost you $12,000. “The Apollo missions only took three days to get to the moon, so there could be a faster path,” said Eisele.

“It all depends on the launch. It could take as little as three days, and up to years based on which trajectory is taken.” Celestis Pets is working with Californian company, Into the Sunset Pet Transition Center of San Diego, with the first rockets scheduled to launch this autumn. Celestis Inc. has for years offered a rocket service that takes partial human remains into space and brings them back.

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