Thursday, July 17, 2014

Driver was only wearing one sock because he'd used the other one to wipe his backside in a field

A van driver arrested on suspicion of drink-driving in Northampton told police he was only wearing one sock because he had used the other one to wipe his backside in a field.

The driver, who was also accused of having no insurance, was stopped by police in the Eastern district of the town at about 12.20pm on Monday.

Pc Dave Lee from the Roads Policing Unit at Northamptonshire Police, said the man was taken off the road and formally charged.

His van was also seized.


Anonymous said...

So the cop asks, and the accused answers because he foolishly respects authority and believes he has to answer, and then the cop mocks him on Twitter. The cop is a scumpuppy. His behaviour is just one of many reasons why I loathe cops. Just loathe them.

Ratz said...

Anonymous: Perhaps there are just an equal distribution of arseholes across all professions and walks of life? I do the IT for professors to the people who clean our drains and there are plenty of each who I'd happily see fall into the next trench.. for fibre.. that obviously needed to be that deep and filled with quick lime.. Ahem.

An individual person is smart, en masse people are stupid.

Anonymous said...

At least he bothered to wipe his backside. If the cop had been caught short, what would he have used?