Monday, July 07, 2014

Farmer's lost phone returned after trip halfway around the world and back

When Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitney dropped his iPhone in a grain bin in October 2013, he thought he'd never see it again but nine months later, the phone was returned after travelling halfway around the world and back.

"I had it in my pocket like that, I bent over to work on a hopper bottom door and it fell out of my pocket into my grain pit went up the elevator," Whitney said. The phone fell into a bin full of 280,000 pounds of grain, where it began an international journey. From Oklahoma it was driven by truck to another grain facility.

Then it travelled along the Arkansas River. From there, it sailed down the Mississippi River by barge to Louisiana. The iPhone then made its way to Japan by ship. It was then mixed in with two million bushels of grain sorghum. But just days ago, Whitney got a call. "He said is this Kevin Whitney, I said yeah this is Kevin. He said did you lose a cell phone? I said yeah I lost a cell phone last Fall."

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A worker at a grain mill in Japan mailed the phone back to Louisiana and from there it was sent to Kevin back in Oklahoma. "It's crazy I can't believe it. What really shocked me about it all was when I first got the phone call was what a small world it is. There a lot of, a lot of meaningful pictures on it so we were real glad to get the phone back," Whitney said.

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