Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Herd of sheep caused roadblock after escaping from coyotes

A herd of sheep in Topsfield, Massachusetts, decided the middle of the road was the perfect place to rest on Sunday morning after escaping from coyotes.

The owner of the herd said they got scared and escaped sometime overnight, likely due to coyotes that were stalking them. "The reality is, the coyotes come out after storms, and they run at the sheep and bunch them up in the corner," owner Eugene McKay said.

McKay said the herd got into a tight circle to protect itself, and broke through the hot-wire fence. After feeling that the danger was over, the herd of 14 sheep ended up in the middle of Rowley Bridge Road. "They were safe there," McKay said. "They were content.

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"There were houses there. Sheep are not stupid. They got there and sat down. They were running around all night." None of the sheep were killed. McKay said one did have coyote markings on its body, but the injuries didn't seem serious. McKay said coyotes are a big problem for sheep farmers in Massachusetts.


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