Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hundreds of bras missing after fence ransacked

The bra fence in the Cardrona Valley, New Zealand, has been ransacked and hundreds of bras were removed one night last week. The bras have been a feature of a farm fence just north of the Cardrona Alpine Resort entrance for about 15 years.

Operator of The Cardrona Horse Trekking and Quad Biking tours business behind the fence, Sean Colbourne, said he was disappointed a ''sneak thief'' was prowling around at night with a pair scissors taking the bras, many of them left by passing tourists. ''The next time someone tampers with it we will charge them with theft and trespass.

''We're not quite sure who's doing it or what their agenda is. I just find people sneaking around in the middle of the night with scissors is a little bit mischievous.'' Mr Colbourne said he had not complained to the police but was looking at ways to make the bra fence more secure. One possibility was to move it further away from the road on to the land where his business operates.

The original bra fence was started by Cardrona identity John Lee and revived by son Sam Lee last year, in memory of his late girlfriend, Danielle Cook, who had enjoyed the fun of contributing to the bra fence. Supporters have always maintained it is a bit of fun that puts the Cardrona on the map. Opponents have raised concerns about road safety. Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell, of Wanaka, said as no complaints had been laid with police they were not actively seeking a bra thief.

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