Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mouldy rolls ruined family barbecue

A barbecue host ended up in tears after unwittingly serving up burgers and hot dogs in bread rolls affected by mildew. Claire Clarke was so devastated by the discovery that she went straight back to the store where she bought the rolls to complain. But she says she was far from happy with the response from the store in question.

Miss Clarke, of Mayhill, Swansea, bought just over £50-worth of items from Iceland in Cwmdu, on Wednesday morning, including two packets of eight fresh rolls. "I bought them for a barbecue that afternoon," she said. "There were about 30 people there, family and friends, including children. I opened the buns for burgers and hot dogs and put them out. Then a little boy gave one of the rolls to his mother to hold and she noticed it has mildew.

"I immediately gathered all the burgers that were left over. They were mildewed. But there were only six or seven left as the others had been eaten. I had had one and I felt physically sick. I broke down in tears. People had come along to my barbecue and I had served up rolls with mildew on them." Miss Clarke said she was so upset that she got a cousin to drive her to the Cwmdu store. "I had no apology and they offered me a refund," she said. "I wasn't happy and took the bread home."

An Iceland spokeswoman said: "When Claire Clarke called the Cwmdu store to let us know about the bread rolls, we apologised and let her know we would refund her if she returned them to the store. When Claire arrived, we again apologised, offered her a refund and a £5 goodwill gesture for her inconvenience. Claire refused this, instead opting to take the bread rolls home with her and pursue the matter via the press."

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