Sunday, July 06, 2014

Norwegian man rescued after best-friend abandoned him on deserted island

A Norwegian man was rescued by the local sea-rescue service after his friend left him sleeping on a deserted island, stole the only boat, and rowed home.

The thirty-something male was forced to call for help after awaking to discover he had been left by his friend on Hastein island, west of Tungenes, in the sea outside of Stavanger.

Luckily, the local sea-rescue vessel, aptly named SRK "Sjømann" ("Seaman"), turned up to take him from the island and back to land.

Nils-Ole Sunde, the rescue leader on guard, said that the man was found wet, cold and without food or drink. The two 'friends' had gone to the island by boat on Thursday. No motive has as yet been given for the friend's desertion.


Anonymous said...

I'm more amazed that he had cell service out there!


arbroath said...


I hadn't thought about that.