Saturday, July 12, 2014

Police say people who drop their pants and poo on trains as they pass under bridge face charges

Trains regularly pass through Uxbridge in Worcester County, Massachusetts, hauling various freight and bulk items along the Providence and Worcester Railroad. But as a train passed through one night this past week, it picked up an unexpected load of human waste in an incident that has left railroad employees and law enforcement officials slack-jawed and speechless.

P & W Railroad employees called the Uxbridge Police Department at about 10pm on Monday to report that four individuals on the railroad bridge on Route 122 had dropped their drawers and defecated on the train as it passed below. Officers responded to the scene, but found no one in the area. "I don't have any words for it. It's disgusting," said Police Chief Jeffrey A. Lourie.

"It's a violation of the law. Their actions pose no lawful purpose." If found, those who unloaded the faecal freight could face a number of charges, among them disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and open and gross lewdness. "Obviously, it is very inappropriate behaviour in a public place," Chief Lourie added.

Charles Rennick, general counsel for P & W, said while it is not a common problem, this has happened before in the same location. "It's disgusting. It's not just gross, but it creates a health and safety issue for our employees," Mr. Rennick said, adding that the railroad does incur a cost to clean the train, which requires more than soap and hot water. "It's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that someone would do that."


Ratz said...

Maybe they should try that in India to discourage people sitting on the train. Though given the number of people who squat right beside you, pooing on the platform I guess it's not so much of a deterrent :\

Anonymous said...

C'mon. Radishes. Four people pooping in unison onto a train. Really?