Friday, August 29, 2014

Children's swings removed from park due to deliberate and repeated vandalism by dogs

Dogs have caused damage put at hundreds of pounds to children's swings by taking bites out of them. Newbury Town Council in Berkshire has removed the swings at Dickens Walk, after what it described as "deliberate and repeated acts of vandalism".

It is thought owners are deliberately encouraging the animals to bite the swings. The leader of the council said he was "appalled" by the vandalism to the swings, which cost £400 to replace. Councillor Julian Swift-Hook said: "I am appalled that this valuable community facility is being repeatedly vandalised.

"Children have now been left with no swings to play on at Dickens Walk until this is resolved." Granville Taylor, the council's community services manager, said new seats had been chewed just two days after they had replaced previously damaged ones.

"We believe that people are training their dogs to bite them," he said. "We are worried that if we replace them again we will have another bill for £400 to replace them within a few days." Anyone with any information about the damage has been asked to contact the council or Crimestoppers.

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Williamrocket said...

Or maybe the seats are made from material that dogs find nice to chew.